Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism is the unauthorised use of someone else’s intellectual property. This happens, for example, where you find some material in a book, article or online and use it in your own work without explaining that it was not originally composed by you. Plagiarism is against the law in many countries, and is against the regulations and policies of universities, schools and many businesses.

At Editana, we do not tolerate plagiarism of any kind. However, it is not our role to determine whether or not your work contains plagiarised material. We assume that all material sent to us is the original work of the owner, and by submitting work to us you represent that your work is your own. Editana will not take responsibility for any work submitted to us that contains plagiarised material.

With regards to academic work, Editana can only ensure that your work is grammatically correct and free from errors. We can also help you work on the logical flow and structure of your material. We cannot provide substantive input into your work. This is because academic work must be completely created by the original author.

For non-academic work, we are able to provide substantive input to your work. This means contributing sentences, phrases and other insertions. You are not required to acknowledge Editana’s role in your work, and you do not have to pay a premium for this kind of work. We recognise that all writers and editors are different, and may provide different input into your work. This is why we use the ‘track changes’ function of Microsoft Word, as it enables you to select and accept only the changes you wish to make.

Editana Plagiarism Disclaimer

We assure you that Editana will not perform any acts that may result in claims of plagiarism against you; should you claim your document to be an academic or university paper, our editors will not provide any substantial information. 

Most academic guidelines have no problem with having a third party proofread your papers, but should you have any doubt, you are responsible for double-checking with your respective institution. Should you violate any academic integrity guidelines—namely ones involving plagiarism—Editana will not be held responsible for such an outcome. 

We edit all documents with the ‘Track Changes’ feature in Microsoft Word, making it easy for you to decide which edits to keep, and which to delete. Ensure that the edits you accept and decline follow the rules of your respective institution.

Editana recognizes that it’s possible for clients to upload an academic document for editing yet list it as non-academic. In such cases, we will edit the document as a non-academic document which may result in possible accusations of plagiarism from their respective institutions. Editana does not take any responsibility in such circumstances.