Personal document editing and proofreading

What Exactly can be Considered a Personal Document?

The concept of a personal document is a vague one to say the least. Many people interpret this term differently: some consider it in a sociological sense which includes documents such as diaries, letters, and memoirs; all the while, others consider it in an entirely managerial sense which includes documents such as referrals and reference letters. While the latter can also be considered business documents—which Editana does have a separate page for—it can also be considered as personal documents. At Editana, we simply consider personal documents to be all documents which provide deep insight into a person's experiences. Personal documents are designed to be subjective, encapsulating the experiences and memories of a particular person. As such, our personal document editing and proofreading services aim to ensure the subjectivity which your document contains. At the same time, we promise guaranteed quality control and customer satisfaction.

As an online proofreading service, Editana is comprised numerous editors who are more than familiar with the fragility of personal documents. The moment we realize that a document contains something of a subjective nature, we understand that this subjectivity should be valued and maintained. Our objective editing and proofreading will never infringe upon the subjective nature of your document. In addition, all comments made will simply be suggestions from our editors, informing you of possible improvements and adjustments.

What's the Difference Between Personal Document Editing and Personal Document Proofreading?

Personal document editing is where we get to work on those deeper structural problems within your writing while correcting any obvious errors on the surface. Our professional and highly experienced editors will use their expertise to perfect your language and tighten the logic of your writing. Furthermore, our editing also aims to remove the ambiguity and vagueness in your writing by eliminating all unnecessary words and phrases while ensuring that all your ideas fit together and are expressed persuasively. After editing, your personal documents will be clear, concise, coherent, and compelling.

Personal document proofreading is where we correct the surface errors in your writing. This means eliminating all those obvious language mistakes that are far too common in writing. Our professional and highly experienced proofreaders will use their sharp eyes and expertise to eliminate all existing spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors in your writing.

Both editing and proofreading create the foundation which Editana builds upon. However, we go a step beyond simply providing edits for your document by also providing positive criticism and individual feedback for all documents.

How You Can Benefit from Personal Document Editing and Proofreading

The idea of personal document editing and proofreading may seem odd at first. You may wonder why it would be necessary to have a third-party look over a subjective piece of work that you understand best. While Editana will be incapable of understanding the depth of your personal document to that personal subjective extent, we can provide a great addition to your document: the assistance of a third-party editor. Our services can provide an objective lens which will look through your personal document for any inconsistencies or possible errors. It can be difficult to separate subjective intent from objectively good writing, and that is where Editana steps in. We provide the objectivity that is needed in all writing while also making sure to never change the subjective intent which your personal document is meant to convey.

Whether you are writing a letter, a proposal, a biography, an email, or any other personal document, it is always a good idea to bring in a fresh pair of eyes to perfect your writing. At Editana, our editors have experience with editing and proofreading personal documents of all lengths and sizes, along with experience in a wide variety of subjects. We can help you to produce personal documents that captivate and persuade your target audience. We can take any personal document you may have and apply our editing and proofreading magic so that you may communicate your message clearly and convincingly.

Our editors go beyond simply editing and proofreading your work in order to perfect your language and improve its structure. As part of our guarantee, we will also provide you with comprehensive and helpful feedback by highlighting the positive aspects of your writing as well as the areas where you can improve. Through our editing methods, we allow you to clearly see all the edits and comments we have made. This means that Editana will help make you a better writer.