Manuscript editing and proofreading

What Exactly can be Considered a Manuscript?

The concept of a manuscript has been around for many millennia and its interpretation has changed overtime. At Editana, we consider any documents resembling a book, poem, or any collection of documents to be a manuscript. Nowadays, manuscripts are typically used to describe drafts which are submitted by potential authors and writers to publishers; Editana understands that manuscript editing and proofreading should be open to a broader number of items than simply publication drafts.

Manuscripts are also what can be considered journals and articles that are to be submitted and published by academic publishers, university presses, and the like. If you're aiming for your document to be published, Editana considers it a manuscript; if you're simply producing an aggregate sum of personal works, Editana also considers this a manuscript. In both these cases, our services will be available for you to use. Overall, Editana ensures the highest levels of professionalism and editing quality. Our professional team of manuscript editors specialize in the editing and proofreading of any manuscript which you can name.

Note that you do not have to worry about your piece being either too long or too short. Our services are open to documents of all lengths.

What's the Difference Between Manuscript Editing and Manuscript Proofreading?

Manuscript editing is where we get to work on those deeper structural problems within your writing while correcting any obvious errors on the surface. Our professional editors will use their expertise to perfect your language and tighten the logic of your writing. Furthermore, manuscript editing aims to remove all ambiguity and vagueness in your writing by eliminating all unnecessary words and phrases while ensuring that all your ideas fit together and are expressed persuasively. After editing, your manuscript will be clear, concise, coherent, and compelling.

Manuscript proofreading is where we correct the surface errors in your writing. This means eliminating all those obvious language mistakes that are far too common in manuscripts—especially in lengthier book projects. Our professional and highly experienced proofreaders will use their sharp eyes and expertise to eliminate all existing spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors in your writing.

How You Can Benefit from Manuscript Editing and Proofreading

At Editana, we understand the need for foundational improvements to all manuscripts: this includes edits to grammatical, typological, and spelling mistakes. However, we also understand that proper editing goes far beyond this. Our manuscript editing and proofreading services understand that sometimes the most jarring task that comes with submitting a manuscript can be related to its structure and formatting. As such, Editana is more than happy to provide you with assistance for all of these daunting tasks: we will provide a variety of comments which provide suggestions to your manuscript's logical flow and structure; we will insert short explanations expositing why we believe a specific area should be expanded upon or shortened; and we will provide some basic level of formatting for your manuscript to—at the very least—ensure that it is consistent in its format. Editana's philosophy as an online proofreading service focuses on both improving your respective documents as well as helping you to become a better writer overall.

We understand that manuscripts typically lack the same professionalism that a proper published piece contains. Because of this, we also understand that your manuscript deserves the same level of professional editing and advice that published manuscripts deserve. As such, our services will provide you with top-quality editing as well as positive yet efficient criticisms, helping your manuscript reach the level that it deserves.

Whether you are an aspiring novelist or a seasoned author, it is always a good idea to bring in a fresh pair of eyes to perfect your writing. We provide manuscript editing and proofreading at low rates and swift turnaround times with guaranteed quality. And with the diverse experience that our editors have with both fiction and non-fiction projects, Editana accepts any and all manuscripts. Editana has helped authors around the world craft better stories, aiming to leave a lasting and positive impression on their target audiences.

Our editors go beyond simply editing and proofreading your work in order to perfect your language and improve its structure. Our editors also provide you with comprehensive and helpful feedback by highlighting the positive aspects of your writing as well as areas where you can improve. We do this by allowing you to clearly see all the edits and comments we have made. This means that Editana will help you become a more effective author.